How To Transition Into Autumnal Decor

It’s that funny time of year again. The weather hasn’t quite decided whether there’s still a bit of summer left, or whether it’s time for evenings wrapped up on the sofa with a cup of tea and a blanket. Regardless, the temperature has certainly dropped and it’s safe to safe the BBQ has had it’s use for this year. So whilst we’re transitioning out of summer mode – albeit slowly – it’s time to start thinking about how we can transition our decor into Autumn mode.


If you’ve got a focal piece in your home such as a tall bookcase or mantle piece, try and change the shelf décor around to something more Autumnal. See what personal objects you can find that you’ve already got that have earthy hues to them as these are great for the seasonal change. For a quick fix, try stacking books or magazines on top of each other and placing a candle or object on top. This creates height and interest within minutes.


In the summer months we tend to stick to breathable fabrics like cottons and linens for our beds as they keep us cool at night. But in the colder months, keeping warm is of the utmost importance so changing to thicker materials like flannel is recommended. Flannel fitted sheets are particularly great for those wanting to keep extra warm at night as they’re great at trapping in body heat. Readily available – even in supermarkets – you’ll be feeling toasty in no time.


If you’re someone that likes to include indoor plants within the home, you’ll find that during summer you have lots of natural greens around your home. When transitioning into Autumn / Winter however, why not be more seasonally appropriate with indoor botanicals that are more Autumnal in appearance. Cotton stems and pussywillow are two woody stemmed based plants that are typically seen around this time of year. They’re particularly great as well because they last longer as account of their twig like stems – low maintenance, cheap to buy and wonderfully Autumnal.

Changing your decor to become more in tune with the seasons doesn’t mean you have to make drastic changes or spend a fortune. Try these simple changes above and see what a difference it makes upon your home during the colder months.

All photos from Unsplash

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