Indoor Plants To Bring Nature Into The Home

Did you know that by 2050 66% of the population will be living in an urban environment? That means many of us will be living in built up areas, most without gardens, perhaps high up in apartment blocks. The result of this type of lifestyle leads us craving for nature and natural materials within the home. So in this post we want to share with you our fantastic collection of faux plants to help you bring some indoor plants & nature into the home.

Concrete Potted Cactus - £66.14

Faux Succulent - £170.15

Potted Fern - £22.65

These 3 stunning faux plants listed are a great way of introducing a natural look into a space. Even though their faux, their botanical presence will still help you reap the wellbeing benefits as a normal plant would. Granted, a real plant will help detoxify the air, but faux is still a great way to go. For example, did you know many plants are toxic to pets if ingested? So incorporating faux plants into your home is a safe option for pet owners.

Additionally, if you travel a lot or find that you're forgetful when it comes to watering, faux plants provide owners with the kill-proof option! Lastly, research suggests the presence of nature can calm us down, so regardless of whether you've gone real or faux, you're still going to get the wellness-boosting benefits from either option.

Or if you want to go real...

If faux isn't your thing and you want the real deal, try a plant stand to add height & greenery into spaces that are lacking a bit of TLC. We particularly love this Copper Bullet Plant Pot for just £61.15.

Try a plant variety such as a 'pothos' or 'hanging succulents' as these trailing plants would be perfect for a bit of greenery that likes to hang low beyond the pot. They're also very low maintenance for those who aren't green fingered. Or if you prefer something upright and bushy, a Boston fern would be a great solution. To keep your plants alive, position them away from radiators and be sure to check how much sunlight they require.

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