Interior Advice for Colour Lovers

Our homes should be a reflection of our personalities. Think of your interior space as a blank canvas, an opportunity to express yourself. Therefore, if you feel that your home design is a little ‘lack lustre’ and is not representative of your vibrant character, then perhaps you need to add a little ‘va va voom’ in the form of colour? However, going in and covering all 4 walls in your favourite shade may seem a little daunting, so here are a few ways you can introduce a little colour, one step at a time…

Feature wall

So 4 walls is a bit scary, but what about adding a splash of colour with a feature wall? This could mean anything from simply painting the wall in a fresh shade, to wallpapering or a complete wall mural for something extra special. How about using washi tape or decals to create a patterned look? The possibilities are endless.

pendant light

Textiles and accessories

A simple way to add a splash of colour to your space is through the use of textiles, such as curtains, cushions, throw blankets and rugs. They instill an instant ‘pop’ and can be switched up as and when you fancy. Also, vibrant accessories such as vases and lamps could be the ‘colour pop’ you need.

pendant light


Similarly, if painting feels a bit drastic, then the addition of artwork and prints can really brighten up the walls and inject some personality into your space. As with accessories, these can be switched up whenever the mood takes you

Paint furniture

Another great way to bring a little colour to your space is by grabbing the paintbrush and some chalk paint and setting to work upcycling your old furniture pieces. Perhaps you have an old wardrobe that could do with spicing up? Or a chest of drawers that needs a little TLC? Now’s your chance to update your furniture and add that pop of colour your home is crying out for!

We hope we’ve inspired you to brighten up your space and inject a little touch of rainbow. It really is as easy as that! Pick up a paintbrush, get creative, be brave and you’re sure to pass with flying colours…

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