Powerful Interior Design Duos

If you’re decorating your home, one thing you may want to look into including in your own home are interior design power couples. By this we mean materials, furniture and colours that work seamlessly together. By using colours and / or materials that work well together, you'll have an effortlessly beautiful home to envy. 

One of our favourite design power couples are brass and dark woods. This gives an instant luxe look. Dark tones in wooden furniture or flooring strikingly contrast the golden sheen of a brass item. For example, think about incorporating brass light fittings or cupboard fittings in a room and off-setting these against dark wooden floors or dark wooden furniture.

Another popular design power couple are plants and rattan / wicker. Bushy, vibrant green pops created by the inclusion of plants around your room will drastically contrast the simple, understated look of a wicker planter, rattan storage basket or even a wicker chair. Definitely one to try if you’re a Scandinavian décor enthusiast or a fan of the bohemian, relaxed vibe.

Lastly, our most favourite design power couple would be dark walls and light flooring. A great example of using dark walls with strikingly light flooring is interior journalist Kate Watson Smythe, AKA Mad About The House. In her own home, she shows us that dark walls can create atmosphere and a cosy space, but by contrasting this intense depth with a light floor, it prevents the room from feeling cramped or dingy. The same works the other way round too – if you’re working with dark floors, opt for a light wall colour to offset.

Try one, or all, of these interior design couples to give your home the wow factor.

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