Interior Design Trends for 2021

As we hit a new year, we are keen to find out what design styles will be filling our interiors magazines and flooding our Pinterest boards over the coming months. Read on for our top interior design trends for 2021 that will keep you ahead of the game…

<alt="Interior with the cottagecore aesthetic">


The Cottagecore aesthetic is a new interior style that focuses on bringing an agricultural and romantic, rural style into the home. Think traditional ‘Country Cottage’ vibes, but with an emphasis on the outdoors and nature.

To achieve this look, try mixing vintage pieces with patterned fabrics. Add fresh flowers, romantic lace, rustic accessories and naturally textured accents such as rattan and wooden furniture.

<alt="Leather sofa and panelled cupboards">


Panelling is another trend that has been slowly creeping into our interior magazines. Panelled walls, doors and cupboards are traditionally associated with buildings of grandeur. But with a rise in popularity, panelling is evolving and taking on a more modern aesthetic, which is accessible for any home. The modern panelled look is less about detailing and more about clean, crisp lines which add interest and texture to bare walls and is a clever way of updating an interior space.

<alt="Blue bathroom interior">

Colourful Bathrooms

Gone are the days of monochrome bathrooms as 2021 encourages us to experiment with colour in a big way! With an emphasis on coloured tiles, painted cabinetry and patterned flooring, the interiors industry is allowing us to be a little braver with our bathroom design. It’s time to rebel against the traditional, white bathroom aesthetics.

If you’re not able to change the tiling/flooring in your bathroom, try adding brightly coloured accessories instead. Opt for coloured such as towels, plant pots and bath mats to try out the trend.

<alt="Modern lamp in front of a sage green wall">

Paint Colour Trends

Neutrals – Ditch cool tones in favour of warmer neutrals such as creamy, almond tones and milky whites.

Tonal – Earthy, nature inspired colours such as browns and greens will be prominent in the interiors world this year. (Particularly perfect for a ‘Cottagecore’ inspired space!)

Brights – If you’re looking for a pop of colour, explore pink hues or blue accents to add a punch of personality to your home. The more vibrant, the better!

2021 is set to be an exciting year for the interior lover! With an abundance of new, upcoming trends and interior styles, there is something for every home. Have fun designing!

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