Interior Styling Your Home

For many interior styling can be the tricky part of the home decoration process. It is usually the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle and one of the most important aspects to your interior design. Remember, just because you’ve got all your furniture sorted and in place, doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the interior styling process. Interior styling with accessories will add an extra layer of depth to your room.  However it is often overlooked because many feel as though you need to have ‘an eye’ for it. This isn’t necessarily true – with a few simple tips and a bit of effort you can top off that room design with ease.

Tip 1  : Layer Up 

When it comes to interior styling it’s important to prevent your shelves, mantlepieces and other areas with accessories from looking to flat. This can be caused by having ornaments, books and other personal items all on the same level / height. Add extra depth by layering your items at different heights. For example on a mantlepiece use items like tall candlesticks, photo frames and plants. These will ensure the items your styling are positioned at different heights and prevent the space from looking badly styled. Another simple and easy way to create height on surfaces is by stacking books or magazines and then positioning items like a lamp or plant on top of them.

Tip 2: Incorporate An Accent Colour

You’ve probably already chosen your colour scheme but have you decided upon an accent colour? By this we mean a highlighted colour that dot around the room to use in your accessories. From cushions, to art work to vases etc, these key accessories should be similar in tone. Why? It’s so that when you enter the room your eye picks up on the same colour and makes it feel as if it flows well. A great idea for an accent colour is a metallic touch be it brass, chrome or copper. You can incorporate these metallic hints into items like your light switches down to small accessories.  We love chrome as an accent colour which is why the Kokoon range of homeware accessories we do are a so enticing!

Idea 3: Wall Decor

Got some empty space on your walls? From oversized art, to galleries walls to clocks to decals – there are so many options on how to liven up an empty wall space. As a rule of thumb ensure your art is positioned at eye level for the perfect positioning. If you are going to include some wall decor, link in your accent colour or a colour from your colour scheme to keep a good flow in the room.

If you’ve just finished your home decoration, think about how your space could be topped off with some simple interior styling. Try browsing our collection of homeware accessories to complete your space.



Photos sourced from Unsplash

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