2018 Interior Trend Prediction

The interior industry sees a wealth of trends come and go - some stick around for just a few months and some for years. Thinking back on 2017, we saw copper featuring prominently in many designs, the scandi-boho look and desire for bringing the outdoors in with indoor plants. But what's in store for 2018? If you're a fan of sticking to trends and want to be inspired, find out what our trend predictions are for 2018 as chosen by interior designers.

Prediction One: Mixing Metallics

Brass, copper, chrome - they're old favourites and timeless classics. But this year, we aren't segregating one from the other. 2018 is all about mixing these metallics and blending them to create the perfect scheme. 

Try mixing metallics in your home by including them in your home accessories like vases, cushions & wall art. If working with a kitchen or bathroom, think shower units, tap fittings and radiators. 

Prediction Two: The Terazzo Texture 

To some, Terrazzo will bring back instant memories of 70's decor. For those who aren't familiar with the texture, it's a composite material typically used for flooring and wall treatments consisting of marble, quartz, granite, glass etc. With it's unique appearance, we're sure this will pop up all over interiors from flooring to wallpaper, to home accessories. 

Like the Terrazzo look? Try keeping your walls simple and opting for a statement terrazzo wall for a eye catching look. 

Prediction Three: Statement Ceilings 

Painting boundary walls is so 2017. This year we're taking a new approach to wall decor and stretching up as high as our ceilings. Yes, think bold patterns, dark colours and statement lighting to make all heights and aspects of your room well designed. 

If you're stuck on inspiration for a statement ceiling, think about your room. Does it have high ceilings and a lot of light? If so, why not try a dark colour to make the room feel more cosy. Alternatively, if you have a room with low ceilings, why note create a bright pattern to draw the eye upwards and make the room look taller.

Prediction Four: Herringbone Pattern

Be sure to expect the herringbone pattern to creep into many homes this year be it in the form of wooden flooring, kitchen splash backs or even soft furnishing patterns. We've already started to see it creep into some residential homes, but it's expected to make a huge comeback this year. Count yourself lucky if you've got pre-existinging herringbone floorboards - you're officially in trend! 

If you like the idea of herringbone but are afraid to commit, try adding it somewhere like your downstairs bathroom to test the water. Then if you like it, you can gradually increase it elsewhere to places like the hallway or lounge. 

interior trend predictions
interior trend predictions
interior trend predictions

So what's your favourite interior trend prediction? Do you have any of your own? Comment below 

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