Kitchenware Essentials Under £30

Whilst we're all stuck at home with a little extra time on our hands, why not get creative in the kitchen? It seems the perfect opportunity to ditch the weekly 'spag bol' for something a little more exotic and work on our culinary skills. Here are a few Only Home kitchenware essentials which will help you become a masterchef, without breaking the bank…

'Scottish Made' Chopping Boards – From £21.00

Our 'Scottish Made' chopping boards are not only practical, but stylish too. Each one is made from Scottish Oak and is engraved with a cute, kitchen inspired phrase or image. It'll definitely make you stand out from the crowd whilst you chop your veggies!

Photo credit: The Appliance Judge

Just Slate Sheesham Wood Condiment Set - £27.25

These adorable little salt & pepper pots boast a traditional, rustic kitchen vibe with a modern twist. They come with their own tiny spoons, making them perfect for spicing up your dishes and a great talking point for your dinner guests.

Just Slate Copper Accessory Set - £27.25

This stylish set includes a copper saucepan, spoon and a cheese knife, all for under £30! Copper metal is so on trend right now, making this adorable set the perfect way to bring your kitchen up to date. Not only practical, but super stylish too!

Naturally Med Pestle and Mortar Set - £23.25

No kitchen is complete without a good pestle and mortar set, and so we had to include one in this list! Our 'Naturally Med' set is handcrafted from beautiful olive wood and features a chunky design, which will look beautiful in any rustic or country kitchen.


So there you have it. 4 great ideas to 'spice up' your kitchen and encourage you to spend a little time working on your cooking skills. I'm sure your family and friends will be thanking us soon...


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