How To Add Personality In Neutral Rooms

When designing a room that is neutral, it doesn’t mean that it has to be dull, flat or even boring.  Neutral rooms can incorporate some of the most exciting elements making it far from boring, and in fact full of depth and personality. In this post, we’ll be sharing 5 top tips on how to add personality into a neutral room.

Firstly, what classifies as neutral? Neutral in the context of interiors refers to colours such as creams, beiges and greys; in other words, tones which aren’t bold or brash but instead subtle colours often used as a background for other brighter colours.

In light of this, decorating a neutral room can be a little more tricky as you’re working with a very simple colour base. So, what are our 5 top tips on how to create the perfect neutral scheme?…

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  • Use a variety of textures through your soft furnishings like cushions and rugs. This is a great way to add texture where colour is lacking.
neutral rooms


  • Having a neutral palette means you can really play around with patterns, just make sure it balances out. Perhaps having a patterned neutral rug, sofa or cushions etc to add a  focal point amongst the neutral items.
neutral rooms


  • Adding natural greenery through indoor plants, or colours through flowers are a great way of adding a colour pop to a room without adding actual colour into your interior scheme. It will honestly make a huge difference!
neutral rooms


  • Add a feature wall using a neutral paint colour that is slightly darker compared to the rest of your scheme to create a bit of a contrast. Or a statement piece of art that’s visually striking or an intriguing wall paper with a neutral base will add a great focal point in your room.


  • Use lighting in a such a way that it breaks up the neutral items in the room. Have lights tilted focusing on certain items to draw attention to them e.g. an arcing lamp directed over a sofa on a particular cushion, or a lamp in a reading nook to bring attention to an certain part of the room.

So if you’re looking to perhaps create that calming room or sleek minimalist room using neutrals with a generous zest of personality just follow these simple tips. Try browsing the rest of the Only Home collection here to see what neutral pieces you can find.

Feature photo from Unsplash.

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