New Year, New Furniture

The New Year - for every individual it will bring about different thoughts & connotations. For some it signifies the start of a new resolution, a change in diet, a new perspective or maybe even a new job. We think you'll therefore agree that many of us take the New Year as a chance to start afresh in all different aspects of our lives. So why not this year focus on giving your interior a refresh? Here at Only Home we want to show you that there are a few simply ways to give your home an interior refresh without breaking the bank or changing your entire interior.

1.  Change your soft furnishings 

If you're looking for an affordable and simple way to change your interior try changing your soft furnishings. This could be anything from your cushions, to throws, to rug & window treatments.

2. Add a mirror 

It's no surprise that adding a mirror into a space instantly brightens up a room as it bounces light around the space. So if you're looking to re-vamp any space get inventive with different types of mirror. Leaner mirrors are great for a dramatic statement, whereas wall mounted mirrors are great for people tight on space that want to utilise the wall. Whatever you opt for choose something that catches the eye and consider placing it opposite a window to reflect more light. 

3. Add to your lighting scheme

Lighting is crucial for any interior scheme, which is why we think that you should consider adding to your lighting scheme this NYE. Whether it's downlighters, atmospheric lights or task lighting each one plays a very important role in creating the perfect interior scheme. We think Edison bulbs are a great way to create a cosy & welcoming scheme so why not try our factory glass bowl pendant light pictured.

So there you have it - 3 simple tips to help you give your interior a quick fix that's perfect for a fresh start as you enter the New Year!


Feature photo from Unsplash.

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