Our Favourite Products To Help You Declutter

Sometimes there’s nothing we enjoy more, than watching a load of room decluttering videos on YouTube and then getting out the bin bags and joining in. Seriously though, there’s nothing more mind calming, than walking into a tidy room, which is completely clear of all clutter. Your head space and your physical space can often mirror each other. If you’re finding difficult to focus or be creative, clearing your living space can usually improve your mental clarity as well. There’s also something incredibly satisfying about purging your belongings. It feels like another way of creating a fresh start, or hitting some sort of reset button.

One of the first places to start when it comes to decluttering, is with your clothes. We love Marie Kondo’s KonMarie folding method. This Indian Hub Aspen Wide Chest of Drawers (£400.25), is the ideal place to let your clothing (and you) breathe and be happy. Can’t you just imagine opening one of those perfectly crafted drawers and seeing all your perfectly folded rows?!

Aside from clothing areas, another place that is important to keep decluttered, is your work environment. Whether you work in an office, or you work from home, it’s hard to get through your to do list, if your desk is quite literally covered in to do lists and load of other unidentifiable objects. You can declutter your desk, by organising your documents into a simple filing system and creating a clear schedule to follow using a paper planner or apps on your phone and computer. Having a desk that has drawers for storage, is also a great way to keep your desktop clear at all times. This Indian Hub Aspen Console Table (£333.25), with its two storage drawers, could also double up as a gorgeous desk option. By the way, is there anyone who knows why a raven is like a writing desk….asking for a friend.

Another great way to help you keep your home free from clutter, is the use of storage baskets. There are so many styles and sizes available, that you can use them to store pretty much anything. Storage baskets can work well in your bathroom to store toiletries and cosmetics, in your kitchen pantry, in kids rooms, you can use them to store books and magazines, or have one casually placed in your living room to hold a plant or your blankets and cushions, which is exactly how we’d use these beautiful Spirit of Wicker Handwoven Seagrass Baskets (£87.25).

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