Outdoor Dining Ideas For All Sized Spaces

With this beautiful weather we’ve been having, many of us have been treating ourselves to a little dining ‘al fresco’. Seeing as lots of us have had our summer holidays cancelled this year, we are making the most of the great British sunshine and are sprucing up our outdoor spaces ready for some fine dining. But beautiful outdoor dining areas can be achieved in all gardens, whether you are blessed with acres of space, or hardly have room to swing a cat. Here are some top tips in making the most out of your outdoor dining area.

Outdoor Bar Area

Why not create a little luxury in your outdoor space by adding a bar area? If that sounds far too good to be true, then we’re here to help you think outside of the box! A bar area could be anything from a built-in, no expenses spared, outdoor cocktail suite, to a bar cart on wheels that you can bring out to surprise your guests! Or if you have an old shed that is collecting dust, why not turn it into a ‘cocktail cabin’? Your guests will be most impressed!

Furniture with storage space

Furniture with built-in storage spaces provide a practical solution for those who are pushed for garden space. Take our ‘Sadie Outdoor Bench’ as a great example, which could be used to replace your dining chairs at the table. Not only is it a beautiful, stylish outdoor seating area (which you could fit at least 3 average sized people on!), but the inside of the bench allows lots of room for storing all those bits and bobs we need whilst enjoying the sunshine. It’s a win-win!


No matter how restricted your outdoor dining space may be, it is always important to create an ambience and the most effective way to achieve this is through mood lighting. Why not hang fairy lights in the trees or along a wall to create a little magic when the sky gets dusky? Or add an outdoor lantern, such as our ‘Native Lifestyle Lantern’ which can be brought inside once the party is over.

outdoor changes

We hope these top tips have inspired you to make the most of your garden space and enjoy some outdoor dining this summer. Whether you have a large garden or just a little outdoor patio, with a little imagination and a few clever tricks, we’ll have you enjoying a little indulgence outside in no time! Now, did someone say “BBQ”?

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