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There’s been a huge increase in wanting to make the most of our interior spaces. It comes as no surprise however, as we spend a huge proportion of our lives at home. It’s therefore obvious that people are much more interested in making their homes as good as they can be. With summer creeping up on us, due to some great weather already in April, it’s got us all thinking about how we can make our outdoor spaces as good as our indoor spaces. So to embrace bringing the indoors out, we want to show you how’s best to do this and highlight some of the amazing outdoor furniture products on offer here at Only Home.

outdoor furniture

Suggestions No. 1  : Create An Outdoor Lounge

Just like you have a lounge indoors, why not try having a lounge outdoors? If this sounds like something you’d want to implement, choose your fundamental piece such as a coffee table, sofa and chairs to start things off. We have a great selection of outdoor furniture here at Only Home but we particular love the Delta lounge set with concept table. It’s the perfect all weather furniture set that requires low-maintainenance but offers high style.

Suggestion No. 2 :Light Sources 

When summer arrives, you’ll want to enjoy sitting outdoors for as long as possible. So, when the evening hits and darkness falls upon you, make sure you’ve got the perfect outdoor lighting to top off your outdoor setting. From candles, to solar powered lights to outdoor lamps, there are plenty of options to provide the perfect outdoor lighting scheme. We’re particularly fond of our Only Garden Low Tripod Lamp available in 2 sizes.

outdoor furniture

Suggestion No. 3 : Fire Pits

Nothing tops off a garden setting as much as a fire pit does. Here at Only Home we’ve got a fantastic selection of fire pits from small to large which will take any outdoor setting from good to great. Perfect for both winter evenings to add that bit of warmth or summer evenings to gather around it will be the centre of attention and great fun to be in the presence of. We recommend the Bowl Cocoon Fire Pit as it’s simple, understated and practical with features like a weatherproof cover, colour options, compactness (at just 91cm) and faux lava rocks and logs for a real fire look.

So why not embrace your outdoor space and focus as much attention on it as you would do indoors. If you’re keen to look at the rest of our outdoor collection head to our Outdoor Product Selection Page. 



Feature photo from Unsplash.

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