How To Create The Perfect Scandinavian Dining Room

When it comes to home design there are many styles to choose from – eclectic , industrial, traditional or vintage etc. Despite all these contenders, the one clear winner is always the Scandinavian style. With it’s clean lines, minimalist approach to furniture and ability to play with textures, it’s no surprise that this interior style is so popular with the masses. So with big events like Christmas, Thanks Giving and Hannukah soon approaching, why not incorporate a bit of Scandinavian design into your own home? In this post we’re going to show you some easy ways to help you create the perfect Scandinavian dining room to wow your guests whatever the occasion. 

Our Suggestions:

For some dining chairs that ooze Danish design. Try opting for a chair with what’s called an ‘Eiffel tower leg’ inspired by the contemporary designer Eames. Our best seller is our Cool Grey DSW pictured below. These are notoriously Scandi in style and are affordably priced at just £56.99. You can get them in all sorts of colours so you could keep it neutral and opt for the traditional and most common white colour or go a little bolder and mix them up by choosing a few colours and mixing them – this will bring in a little quirkiness and eclecticism.

When trying to create the perfect Scandinavian dining room another thing to consider is your wood finish choice. It’s not often you see dark woods in Danish design as they are known for sticking to light oak tones. Consider a lighter coloured wood for your dining table like our Mark Webster Padstow Large Extendible Table for just £585.

Another typically Scandinavian feature you’ll notice is how they stick to a neutral palette. Think creams, greys, whites and pastels with accents of metallics. Scandinavian design is all about muted tones and simplicity. Colours equal fuss and boldness so if you can try to keep a neutral base for your home. Try our Kokoon Trivet Table Lamp at £116 for your perfect Scandi accessory.

So why not try some of these tips yourself and see if you can create the perfect Scandinavian dining room. 


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