Promoting Office Wellbeing Through The Decor

‘Wellbeing’ it’s the word on peoples lips in the food industry, beauty industry and now the interior industry too! Why? Well it’s no surprise really as our surroundings have a huge impact on our mood, productivity, social life and general wellbeing. One of the most important places for us to really focus on when it comes to designing with the concept of wellbeing in mind are the areas we work from. It’s these areas we find ourselves being cooped in, getting stressed in and spending a lot of time in, so it’s crucial we ensure they are uplifting,  positive and inspiring places to work in. In this post we want to show you some very easy tips and tricks you can implement in your work space to create a better work environment and as an effect of that, a better you.

Tip 1 : Try To Avoid White! 

Interestingly many of us see white as a great office colour as it’s neutral, inoffensive, clean and airy. However science has shown that white in an office can actually be detrimental to our creativity due to the fact it doesn’t inspire or motivate us.

Tip 2 : Use red but don’t overdo it 

Red is the first colour the naked human eye sees on the colour spectrum, thus making it a colour we ‘see first’. In light of this, red is great as a warning colour or a colour to represent danger. Don’t use too much of red in an office as it can over stimulate the brain causing aggression or stress, however something like a red pen pot, red notebook, vase or a red mouse pad is great as it stimulates the brain by sight of just the right amount.

Tip 3 : Add plants 

Plants are a great addition to any space if you are wanting to promote relaxation and reduce stress. The subliminal connection to nature calms us down and can therefore work wonders in an office environment. Try Calatheas or Zamioculcus for affordable plants that are complete showstoppers – they are also practically un-killable too!


Tip 3 : Check the desk positioning 

According to Feng Shui, it’s bad to have a desk facing a wall as it blocks the energy flow and reduces productivity. Instead you want to position your desks adjacent or facing a window. This has also been proven to aid concentration, boost energy levels and reduce stress.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this post on promoting office wellbeing through your interior decor. Give it a try and see what results you can achieve be it at home or at work!

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