Reasons Why Measuring Furniture Is Important

While the thought of measuring your furniture and the various areas within your home can feel a bit daunting (and laborious), it is an essential part of making sure you’re making the best use of the space in your home and that it can fit into the property in the first place!

Measuring your furniture, prevents time wasting errors, such as ordering a sofa that is impossible for the delivery company to get through the door, buying a shelving unit that is just that inch too high for the floor to ceiling space you have available, or going online and ordering what you thought was a side table, that turns out to be the size of a two seater dining table.

So, before you go shopping, take a few minutes to measure the area you want to furnish. Check the access points for delivery if necessary, the height and width of your rooms and the distance you’d like your purchase to be, from other pieces of furniture.
Here are a few items of furniture that are often measured by eye, but would be great to pre plan and measure, in order to get the balance just right.

1. Choosing the right mirror size can make such a vast different; if it’s too small for the space you intended, it can end up looking misplaced and slightly lost on the wall. If it’s too large, it may overlap with other furnishings and take over the room. The Yearn Classic Circular Mirror (from £74.75), comes in several sizes, making it easier to choose the right one for your space, without having to compromise on your preferred design.



2. Contemporary rugs such as the Safavieh Madison Shag (from £40.25) are very much on trend at the moment. Make sure you choose the right size, as it will be the difference between having something soft to land your feet on in the mornings, to only being able to drape it stylishly over a chair.


3. Furniture that comes assembled such as the Indian Hub Cosmo Large Sideboard (£578.25) is a beautiful convenience. Make sure you always measure your door and entry ways, for a smooth delivery process on the day it arrives.


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