Simple Tips To Make Your Home Look Ready To Sell

If you’re considering selling your property, or have already been on the market for some time, then it’s time to make some small changes to your home to clinch that deal. In this post we’re going to show you some really simple tips that won’t cost a fortune but will have a great impact on a potential buyers perspective. Every person who walks through the door is a potential buyer and is an opportunity not to be missed - so follow these simple steps and you’ll be exchanging in no time

Tip 1: Make It Feel Like A Home

When a person views a home one of the main things they are thinking is ‘can I imagine myself living here?’. So if you’re selling your property it’s your job to help them visualise this. So, make your home feel homely. How? Something as simple as strategically cooking lunch or dinner just before they visit allowing food smells to flow through the house can have a great psychological impact on making the viwer feel as though they are at ease. More simply, leave a pot of made coffee out on display or a breadboard with a nice loaf of bread on it - style it nicely in a prominent place. Again, this enables the buyer to imagine themselves drinking coffee or making breakfast in their potential new home. This is a genuine tip from property experts and is definitely worth trying. 

Tip 2: Clear The Clutter

No one wants to view a messy house. If you’ve got kids, try to clear unsightly toys or mess away even if it means you have to spend a bit on some storage trunks or baskets to hide it. Additionally, if you know you are having a viewing make an extra effort to clear away any mugs or glasses lying around, laundry or general mess. You don’t want the viewer to be focusing on all the rubbish lying around but on the features of your home. Make it easy for them to see great boast-able features like the amount of space, high ceilings or well lit rooms you have to offer them. Try hiding unsightly bits in one of our storage stools, like this Kokoon See Low Stool in Silver for just £71.25.

Tip 3: Make It Neutral 

When people view homes, a lot of the time they don’t have any vision to imagine their life their or their own personal furniture there. Help them do this by making your home into more of a neutral base. If you’ve got bold painted wall or strong patterns, try to get rid of them. It involves a bit of effort but something as simple as painting a room white will enable a viewer to see a blank canvas and is more likely to appeal to them as it could be their home, rather than it very much looking like they are in someone elses home. You could paint a good proportion of your home for around £100 and reap a huge reward from it – it’s a small investment for a great return. 

So why not try some of these tips yourself and see if you can sell your home quicker?

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