Simple Ideas For A Spring Refresh In The Home

Christmas is a distant memory, and every now and again we’re greeted by bright blue skies and sunny-yellow daffodils which can only mean one thing… Spring is just around the corner.  There’s no better time to give your home a bit of a refresh and welcome in the brighter mornings, longer evenings and sunnier days. Here’s a few easy ways you can refresh your home this Spring.

Bring the outside in

It’s a trend that’s not going anywhere, and for good reason.  It’s proven that plants around the home can not only be of benefit to your health, but can also boost your mood and productivity. If you’re not very green fingered, artificial plants (like our Large Monstera Cheese Plant) can also go a long way to giving you that outside-in feeling.  Pops of green around the home will instantly give your space a little pick-me-up. Just what Spring is all about.

Add bright pops of colours

Changing up even just a few items around the home can instantly make your home feel completely different.  To make sure your new items don’t go unnoticed, try adding pops of colours to your accessories. To stop it from looking too multi-coloured crazy, stick to the rule of 3.  Pick 3 main colours that you’re naturally drawn to. From these 3 colours, choose different shades and tones to create your colour scheme. E.g. If one of your main colours is ‘blue’ think of shades you can use such a teal, navy, sky blue etc. This helps a space feel less chaotic, busy & thus more calm as a result.  The easiest way to add subtle colour to a living space is through vases, ornaments, cushions or artwork. Or if, you’re feeling brave, try a statement chair like our gorgeous Hanson Mustard Fabric Club Chair.

Make the most of that Spring light!

Don’t let the brighter days go wasted.  The quickest way to brighten up your home and bring the spring inside is to hang a mirror opposite a window.  Not to mention, this will also brighten up the gloomy days during the winter too, win-win!

A mirror, such as our Classic Circular Mirror, will reflect natural light and instantly brighten up your space, as well as making the room appear more spacious. If you’re feeling creative, play around with different shapes or multiples to reflect as much light as possible. More light = more sense of space.

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