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Creating a More Productive Home Office

Now, more than ever, it’s important that we have a comfortable and productive ‘home working’ environment. With more and more of us trading the office life and spending hours everyday at the desk we hurriedly put up in our spare room, it’s important that we create an inspiring area to aid our productivity. Whilst we’re not all blessed with an extra room that we can dedicate to a home office, there are a few clever little tricks we can install in any space which will help to create a more... Read More


Valentine’s Day Inspired Decor

So Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and whether you are spending it with your other half, best friend or cat, we’ve put together 3 quick ways to make your home feel extra special and cosy for the most romantic time of the year. De-Clutter & Tidy First things first – have a tidy up.  We recently wrote a post about ways to de-clutter your home, and preparing for the Valentine’s weekend is the perfect excuse to start.  After all, how are you meant to set the mood and... Read More

mid century modern 08/03/2018

How To Get The Mid-Century Modern Look

One of the biggest interior trends for 2018 is all about achieving a ‘mid-century modern look’. It has become increasingly popular to get on board with this look and we think it’s because it beautifully blends old and new. In this post, we’ll be teaching you how to achieve this look. Find out also what pieces you could opt for to incorporate the look into your own home. Danish Design Wishbone Chair  If you're looking to add some mid-century modern flair into your space then consider one of our Danish... Read More