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How To Style Your Hallway

Hallways are the perfect place to experiment in your home and have a little fun. They’re the first part of the house your guests will see, providing a ‘sneak peek’ of what to expect throughout the rest of your home. So why not make an impact and show off your design skills as soon as your guests walk through the door? Here are a few ideas which will transform your hallway from ‘bland’ to ‘beautiful’...


Creating a More Productive Home Office

Now, more than ever, it’s important that we have a comfortable and productive ‘home working’ environment. With more and more of us trading the office life and spending hours everyday at the desk we hurriedly put up in our spare room, it’s important that we create an inspiring area to aid our productivity. Whilst we’re not all blessed with an extra room that we can dedicate to a home office, there are a few clever little tricks we can install in any space which will help to create a more... Read More

Valentines Inspired Decor Ideas 05/02/2018

Valentines Inspired Decor Ideas

Whether you're looking to surprise special someone this year or whether this Valentines may simply more of a ' 'Galentines Day', why not get in the mood to decorate? It's no Christmas, but Valentines is definitely an excuse to have a bit of fun with your decor and create a Romantic environment for your special someone. Don't fear singletons, even if you're just having a regular night in with a friend, why not incorporate some of these decor tips to sit in the background of your night of rom-coms, wine... Read More