Top Picks Under £75

Here at Only Home, we strive to offer beautiful and well designed homewares that will brighten up your home, but won’t break the bank. So, to celebrate reaching the end of another month, we’re doing a round up of our top picks for under £75!


How To Style Your Hallway

Hallways are the perfect place to experiment in your home and have a little fun. They’re the first part of the house your guests will see, providing a ‘sneak peek’ of what to expect throughout the rest of your home. So why not make an impact and show off your design skills as soon as your guests walk through the door? Here are a few ideas which will transform your hallway from ‘bland’ to ‘beautiful’...


Why Is Furniture Design Important

Furniture serves a variety of purposes in our homes and furniture design is crucial to getting the aesthetic of your style across. It also needs to be functional for everyday use, suit our lifestyles and provide comfort and style, all at the same time. When considering the type of furniture design that works best for you, you should consider your budget, the longevity of the furniture designs you choose to invest in, whether the size and shape will suit the layout of the space that you’re planning to place it in and... Read More


Why You Should Introduce More Wood Into Your Home

Adding elements of wood into your home is a simple and sustainable way, of creating a clean and timeless, contemporary space. The various tones, textures and compositions, of wood available, makes it easy to implement within just about any decor style and colour palette. We’ve selected three pieces to inspire you to enhance your rooms, with this durable, yet stylish and natural material. 1.Just Slate Stoneware and Mango Wood Bowl and Paddle Set, £35.25 This paddle set, is the perfect way to serve snacks and nibbles, when you’re throwing a... Read More


3 Reasons Why You Should Have An Ottoman In Your Home

Ottomans are a fabulous furniture piece, when you’re looking for something that can be versatile in your home, especially if you’re a bit tight for space and you’re looking for an aesthetically pleasing compromise. Something that’s both stylish and functional. Here are three reasons why you should have an ottoman in your home: Storage Lidded ottomans such as the Amelia & Joseph Arline Fabric Storage Ottoman (£351.25), are perfect for storage. They can be used to keep your home tidy in just about any room. From placing one at the... Read More