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How to Style Your Rugs at Home

Rugs are a really effective way to inject a bit of colour or personality to your room, whilst also being very practical.  A rug can anchor a room, define it, divide it and add sophistication so they’re definitely not to be missed out of your home decor. There are many ways to style your rugs at home but we’ll start with a couple of them: Zoning Open plan living spaces are very popular, especially in modern apartments and new build houses.  However, without definition, these spaces can feel like a... Read More


Eco-Friendly Design Ideas for the Home

Climate change and Eco-Friendly living has never been such a hot topic.  So, if Greta Thunberg has got you thinking how you can be more economical around your home, here’s a few easy ways to make your home eco-friendly without moving to an off the grid cabin in the woods! Thermal Curtains & Chunky throws An easy one to save the environment and save on your gas & electric bills is to avoid putting the heating on when not totally necessary.  We’re not saying sit in a freezing cold room,... Read More

enhance your lighting scheme 03/06/2019

Enhance Your Lighting Scheme

Abigail Ahern, renowned interior designer, once said one's lighting scheme should create 'soft pools of light around the room'. It's this statement that hits the nail on the head when as lighting can make or break a room and really affect the overall feel of your interior scheme. Quite often though, it's something that's overlooked.  In this post we want to help you see why you should pay more attention to the way you implement light at home & improve your space easily & drastically. Introduce Lights At Different Levels... Read More