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Top Picks Under £75

Here at Only Home, we strive to offer beautiful and well designed homewares that will brighten up your home, but won’t break the bank. So, to celebrate reaching the end of another month, we’re doing a round up of our top picks for under £75!


4 Easy Ways To Decorate a Nursery

It’s a precious time, bringing new life into the world. Having a baby is the start of an exciting adventure and many cherished memories are waiting to be made. But let’s face it, for us interior design lovers, styling the nursery is definitely one of the most exciting parts! Read on for 4 easy ways to decorate the perfect nursery for your new arrival...

perfect lighting 19/10/2018

Perfecting A Lighting Scheme

Lighting is key for any home. It creates atmosphere, it helps us to be productive, it can make a home feel welcoming and so on. To help you achieve a great lighting set up in your home, we’ll be teaching you about the different kinds of lighting in a home and what products you could select to achieve this. Scroll on down to find out more... In general, there are four types of light sources: Natural light, background light, task lighting and atmospheric lighting. All four should be incorporated into... Read More