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Top Picks Under £75

Here at Only Home, we strive to offer beautiful and well designed homewares that will brighten up your home, but won’t break the bank. So, to celebrate reaching the end of another month, we’re doing a round up of our top picks for under £75!


How to Style Your Rugs at Home

Rugs are a really effective way to inject a bit of colour or personality to your room, whilst also being very practical.  A rug can anchor a room, define it, divide it and add sophistication so they’re definitely not to be missed out of your home decor. There are many ways to style your rugs at home but we’ll start with a couple of them: Zoning Open plan living spaces are very popular, especially in modern apartments and new build houses.  However, without definition, these spaces can feel like a... Read More


Interior Styling : The Do’s & Don’ts

When it comes to interior design, it doesn't just stop at soft furnishings. Accessories made up from things like ornaments, personal objects, wall art and vases are the crux of taking an interior scheme from good to great. It's the little details that make all the difference. It can however become incredibly overwhelming on how to do it and where to start. So, we're chatting to an interior designer to get the low down on the do's and don'ts of interior styling. Read our interview style post below... What is... Read More


Accessorising in the Home

Accessories give you the chance to personalise your home and put your stamp on it. While many people might have the same colour walls in their homes, they’re unlikely to have the same arrangement of accessories as you. So by styling pieces that reflect you and your personal life this will allow you to achieve the most unique look possible. In an effort to help you achieve a well styled home, this post takes you through our top tips for accessorising in the home. ACCESSORISING IN THE HOME: Suggestion No.... Read More


Interior Styling Your Home

For many interior styling can be the tricky part of the home decoration process. It is usually the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle and one of the most important aspects to your interior design. Remember, just because you've got all your furniture sorted and in place, doesn't mean that it's the end of the interior styling process. Interior styling with accessories will add an extra layer of depth to your room.  However it is often overlooked because many feel as though you need to have 'an eye' for it. This... Read More