Reasons Why Measuring Furniture Is Important

While the thought of measuring your furniture and the various areas within your home can feel a bit daunting (and laborious), it is an essential part of making sure you’re making the best use of the space in your home and that it can fit into the property in the first place! Measuring your furniture, prevents time wasting errors, such … Continue reading

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Perfecting A Lighting Scheme

Lighting is key for any home. It creates atmosphere, it helps us to be productive, it can make a home feel welcoming and so on. To help you achieve a great lighting set up in your home, we’ll be teaching you about the different kinds of lighting in a home and what products you could select to achieve this. Scroll … Continue reading

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Powerful Interior Design Duos

If you’re decorating your home, one thing you may want to look into including in your own home are interior design power couples. By this we mean materials, furniture and colours that work seamlessly together. By using colours and / or materials that work well together, you’ll have an effortlessly beautiful home to envy.  One of our favourite design power … Continue reading

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