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4 Easy Ways To Decorate a Nursery

It’s a precious time, bringing new life into the world. Having a baby is the start of an exciting adventure and many cherished memories are waiting to be made. But let’s face it, for us interior design lovers, styling the nursery is definitely one of the most exciting parts! Read on for 4 easy ways to decorate the perfect nursery for your new arrival...

the perfect kids room 12/04/2019

3 Ideas To Create The Perfect Kids Room

Decorating a kids room can be a tricky process, especially as they grow up so quickly! In light of this, you'll want to create a children's room that's timeless in design and can keep them happy until you find the need to change it. In this post, we wan to help you design the best children's room possible, so please see our 3 ideas to create the perfect kids room below... Idea 1 : Sticking to a neutral wall colour  Choose a neutral paint colour that's not to bold. No... Read More

kids room design ideas 18/12/2017

Decorating A Kids Room With Style

Decorating a kids room can be challenging. How do you create a room that they will be able to grow into or a room that will be in keeping with the rest of the house? Well we've compiled our favourite kids range products to help you create an inspiring childrens' room even the big kids will envy. The Inventors Kids Green Elephant Stool, £49.99 Definitely one the kids are going to love - available in a mix of colours like green, pink, blue and white, let the kids distract themselves... Read More