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4 Christmas Day Kitchenware Essentials

Even the most confident of chefs feel a little apprehensive when it comes to the much anticipated Christmas Day dinner. What with the turkey, nut roast, potatoes, carrots, sausages in blankets, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy and of course, brussel sprouts, there’s a lot to think about. Here are 4 Christmas Day kitchenware essentials which will help you on your way to becoming the King or Queen of the kitchen… Large Baking Dish First and foremost, every Christmas Day host will need a large baking tray/dish that is big enough for... Read More


Our Favourite Products To Help You Declutter

Sometimes there’s nothing we enjoy more, than watching a load of room decluttering videos on YouTube and then getting out the bin bags and joining in. Seriously though, there’s nothing more mind calming, than walking into a tidy room, which is completely clear of all clutter. Your head space and your physical space can often mirror each other. If you’re finding difficult to focus or be creative, clearing your living space can usually improve your mental clarity as well. There’s also something incredibly satisfying about purging your belongings. It feels... Read More


Introducing ‘Gillian Kyle’ Range

Here at Only Home, we know that many of you are looking for good quality and stylish items but want affordability too, which is why we've got some amazing new brands to offer you. One of whom is Gillian Kyle, whose fantastic range of illustrations can be found on a huge selection of items from prints, to plates and even cushions. In this post, we're showing you some of our favourite pieces from her range which we think you'll love too. 3 GILLIAN KYLE PRODUCTS YOU'LL LOVE Stag With Needs & Butterflies... Read More