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Pet Accessories To Enhance Your Interior

There was a recent survey suggesting that over 50% of Brits prefer their pets to their partners! Surprised? Well the top reasons for this are apparently because 'they are happy to see me when I come home' and laughably 'they don't talk back'. But whatever the reason you love your pet, it's hard to deny that their toys and beds can look a bit messy around the house. So it's no surprise really that 2019 is all about design focused pet accessories. Yes, think fancy feeding bowls & aesthetically pleasing... Read More


5 Products To Get You In The Halloween Spirit

Autumn is well and truly underway. The leaves are slowly falling off the trees and the thick blankets have come out from the cupboard. But since we're note quite ready for Christmas mode yet why not gear up for Halloween instead? It may be a holiday that's aimed at pleasing the little ones, but who says we can't make a few small changes at home to get involved too? If you're up for the challenge, here are 5 orange and black products to get you in the Halloween spirit! Cozy... Read More