Top Tips For a Cosy Home

It’s the ‘most wonderful time of the year’, where we love to snuggle up anext to the fire with warm blankets and a mug of hot chocolate. But not all of us have quite ‘nailed it’ when it comes to that cosy, ‘hygge’ feeling. Here are our top tips for creating a cosy home for you and your loved ones…

Paint colours

When choosing your paint colours, try to stick to warmer tones. Avoid blue/grey undertones as they can cool down a space, instead opting for yellow, red and brown hues. For example, instead of a stark white, opt for an off-white with a more ‘creamy’ base.


The lighting in your home can have a huge effect on the overall vibe. Lights that are hooked up to a dimmer system allow flexibility when choosing the atmosphere based on the situation, weather and even your mood. If you’re not lucky enough to have dimmer lighting, try using a floor lamp or table top lamps to create a warmer ambience.


Your window dressings can really affect the cosiness of your space. If you’re looking to add warmth to a room, then opt for thick, lined curtains (and you can even have a double layer with a thinner ‘voile’ underneath which will be useful in the summer months). If blinds are more your thing, then consider a thick, fabric blind which will look more cosy and luxurious than a thinner blind or slatted blind.


For instant cosy points, just add candles! Candles are the perfect option for a quick, cheap and easy way to add warmth and instant ambience to your space. Plus, they smell great too…what a bonus!

Top Tip: Add candles to your fireplace as a cosy alternative to an open fire.

Draft excluders

Another quick and easy way to ensure warmth in your home is to get rid of any pesky drafts you may have. Draft excluders provide a quick solution to block out any unwanted, cold air, particularly in older properties. You’ll be surprised at the difference they can make.


By adding textiles and soft accessories to your space, you instantly give off cosy, comforting vibes. Try adding extra cushions to your sofa (something super textured like the ‘Only Home’ Sheepskin cushion), or place a knitted/faux-fur throw over the end of your bed. These little additions create the illusion of warmth and cosiness. Easy peasy!

So there you have it. Our top tips for warming up your home and creating a comfortable and cosy living space in these winter months. Hopefully we’ve shown you that it doesn’t need to be a huge feat to add a little warmth (please don’t all rush out for a new boiler!). There are much simpler ways to create that much-loved ‘hygge’ feeling. Now, go grab some thick socks and snuggle up!

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