Using Metallics Within Your Home

We're all pretty much clued up about using colour in the home - how it's important, why it's necessary, what colours look good where etc. But do you ever consider looking beyond that at using metallics in your home? Quite often you'll find metallics are a key ingredient to home design. Think about your plug sockets / switches , table legs, chair legs, appliances - these are all important metallic features we find within the home. In light of this, we'll be discussing what metallics suits what type of home and how you can introduce them.

using metallics within the home

Brass or Gold Accents

Nothing says luxury like a little bit of gold in a space. So if you're wanting to create a space that oozes sophistication opt for brass / gold accents within your home. Enough to make your eye catch it when you enter. Whether that means switching up your wall mounted switches, adding gold accessories or really simply through lighting. If you're looking for a bit of inspiration, let us introduce you to the Lugo Bar Stool. The perfect homeware addition with that subtle but refined Midas touch.



Copper is great for those wanting to add a metallic element with a feminine touch. Much softer in appearance than say, chrome or steel, it's a wonderful & hugely popular alternative. Try opting for copper focused lighting in your space, as it'll create an eye catching soft gold in your space. We suggest using the Para Cone Pendant which would look fantastic over a breakfast bar or dining table.


Probably considered to be the most widely used metallic accent, chrome is used vastly ing home designs. Think kitchen appliances, bathroom shower or taps & office chair legs. This metallic accent is a force to be reckoned with. A word of warning though, it can come across as a little cheap so if you're going to introduce chrome be careful how you do it. We think small accessories work best like this Chrome Mantel Clock which is a great desk or bedside accessory with a modern metallic look.

Raw Industrial Metals  

Probably not one you instantly think of when we say metallic accents but raw industrial metals are hugely popular. Adored for their laidback, rustic & raw appearance, industrial metals are on the up. Think burnished iron, galvanised steel and rusting copper - these are all fantastic accents for those wanting to create a space with a sense of earthiness to them. This is due to their often unrefined & unpolished appearance. We're currently lusting over the Russell Industrial Cage Bar Table which emulates this look perfectly.

For more metal inspired homeware to grow your metallic collection, click here.

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