Valentine’s Day Inspired Decor

So Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and whether you are spending it with your other half, best friend or cat, we’ve put together 3 quick ways to make your home feel extra special and cosy for the most romantic time of the year.

De-Clutter & Tidy

First things first – have a tidy up.  We recently wrote a post about ways to de-clutter your home, and preparing for the Valentine’s weekend is the perfect excuse to start.  After all, how are you meant to set the mood and relax when there’s stuff lying around everywhere!   Set yourself the challenge of a power-hour and put away all those miscellaneous items that are laying around so you can start with a clean slate… literally. 

Mood Lighting, Mood Lighting, Mood Lighting!

Nothing says romance more than appropriate lighting.  A well designed room should have around six light sources which ‘replaces’ natural daylight in the evenings and helps the rooms flow. Ceiling lights – or the ‘the big light’ as it’s referred to in some people’s home – are a serious mood killer, unless it’s dimmable of course. A couple of lamps (like our adjustable table lamp), candles, wall lights and fairy lights will all help soften the feel of the room and create the atmosphere for a cosy night in with your loved one.

Dining Table Decoration

If you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen for your other half, don’t neglect the dining table.  Go all out and make the meal feel special by decorating the table.  Spread a clean, ironed tablecloth or runner across the table with place mats (we love these hammered gold place mats), napkins, candles and pre-laid glasses, dinnerware and cutlery to make it feel less like your dining room and more like a restaurant.  We love to use classic neutral colours and those that will complement the rest of your room’s decor.  Or, why not go for a plain white linen to really make it feel like a fine dining experience.  

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