Valentines Inspired Decor Ideas

Whether you're looking to surprise special someone this year or whether this Valentines may simply more of a ' 'Galentines Day', why not get in the mood to decorate? It's no Christmas, but Valentines is definitely an excuse to have a bit of fun with your decor and create a Romantic environment for your special someone. Don't fear singletons, even if you're just having a regular night in with a friend, why not incorporate some of these decor tips to sit in the background of your night of rom-coms, wine and chocolate. 

design duos


An obvious one, but nothing creates a romantic mood more than candles. Whether it's tea lights, pillar candles or tapered candles, add a few around your home (safely, we may add) to create a romantic atmosphere. If you're limited on budget or time, a single tea light on your dinner table will suffice. 

valentines inspired decor ideas


If you're planning a dinner in, nothing says 'romantic evening in' than a specially laid table setting. Instead of your regular plate and cutlery, think about adding in a wine glass, water glass, place mat, side plate, serving bowls and main table plate for a layered setting. Try mixing patterns, colours and textures (e.g. ceramic, porcelain, glass) for maximum impact. 


 Valentines Inspired Decor Ideas


Nothing says Valentines more than a lovely bunch of flowers. Try opting for flowers with pink and red hues to represent Valentines day and interweave them with lots of green foliage (e.g. eucalyptus) for a bushy bouquet that you can disect and dot around your home in multiple vases. A top tip for choosing flowers, is  when you get home take the cellophane wrap of immediately, as these cause the flowers to 'sweat' and can decrease their life-span due to bacteria that grows in the warmer temperature.

Try one, or all, of these Valentines inspired decor ideas and see where the night takes you. All images courtesy of Pixabay. 

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