What Are The 2019 Colour Trends

Colour quite obviously plays a huge part in the interior design process! So naturally it’s extremely important to pay attention to what particular colours we can see potentially being prominent for the coming year. In light of this, we’ll be discussing what are the 2019 colour trends, so you can be in the know and think about introducing them into your home.

Colour Trend 1 : Move over millennial pink, it’s time for dusty pink 

Yes pink has been a big one for a few years now. But instead of flocking to a brighter, more energetic form of pink – renowned as millennial pink – we’re seeing a more sombre, darker tone aka the ‘dusty pink’ in 2019. Farrow & Ball have coined it ‘Sulking Room Pink’ as it’s almost got a forlorn feel. This deep, rich tone offers a more masculine option to the traditional use of pink within the home. View the new paint colour here. Try teaming up with natural woods like our Indian Hub range.

Colour Trend 2  : Feel relaxed with Spiced Honey 

Spiced Honey – as named by Dulux – was given the title of colour of the year for 2019. As pictured below, it’s wonderfully rich amber yellow with hints of beige & orange. It also another deep and muted tone that was supposedly chosen to reflect the current states of affairs globally. Yellow is a sign of optimism and hope, but the muted tones within this colour are calming and soothing. Try teaming this shade up with beige, you can view our beige products here.

Pictured Above: Dulux’s Spiced Honey

Colour Trend 3 : Move over Sage, we’re venturing into Spearmint or Peppermint 

This one is interesting, as it seems to have worked its way over into the interiors world from the fashion industry. Peppermint, pale green, spearmint, whatever you want to call it! It’s a refreshing colour to uplift the soul that is sneaking its way more and more into designs. Definitely a 2019 colour trend to watch out for – you heard it here first!


Although there are plenty of colour trends cropping up all over the place, these are the main three we think are going to stick around throughout 2019. Other colours you might want to keep an eye out for though are beige, baby blue & maroon. What are your thoughts?

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