What are the Colour Trends for 2020?

The Interior colour-boffins have spoken and announced the key colour trends for 2020.  You’ll be seeing a lot more natural colours inspired by the world around us, with a huge influence on well-being and ensuring our homes make us feel calm and help you relax. Here’s a round-up of what we think you’ll be seeing in 2020 and how you can incorporate these into your schemes without a complete redo!

Grounded Neutrals

Warm earthy neutrals were replacing cooler greys in our homes all through last year too, but this trend is going nowhere anywhere fast.  These colours, inspired by nature, are calming and cozy without being overpowering.  They also compliment the scandi-monochrome palettes that are already in a lot of homes, making it an easy way to bring your home up to date.   Try replacing bold accessories with neutral creams and beiges.

Nature-Inspired Greens

It’s no secret that the indoor plant trend has been bringing greenery in the form of your succulents and cheese plants into homes for some time, however, 2020 will see walls turning green too.  Deep, bold greens are cosying up walls to fully embrace the nature inside your home.  The ‘maximalism’ trend inspired these rich, jewel like tones initially, however you don’t have to have the heavy ‘all or nothing’ approach synonymous with this style to make it work.  Bold greens work equally well with calmer, minimalist styles too.  If you don’t feel brave enough to paint a whole wall or room, you can always add these colours into your accessories too, such as the Amelia & Joseph Emerald Green Velvet Cushion.

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