Why House Plants Are Good For You

When it comes to home decor, plants have been an absolute must have for the last few years. But why the sudden increase in a desire for greenery? And what plants are low maintenance for those not so green fingered? Well that's exactly what we'll be covering in this post so scroll on down to get the lowdown on all things plant based.


They Purify The Air

Did you know plants are extremely effective at purifying the air around us in our homes? Whether you're in a polluted city or in a space that grows mould spores, plants have a powerful impact in detoxifying the air. To put it in layman's terms, this makes it cleaner for us to breath. A plant can actually clean the air by up to 80% in just a few hours. Try our 'Square Planter' and make a focal point out of some house plants in your home.

house plants

They Calm Us Down

According to scientific research house plants have the wonderful ability to lower our blood pressure simply by looking at them. The presence of them re-connects us with nature on a subconscious level and lowers our blood pressure. Great places to add house plants would be in the bedroom to aid a restful sleep or in a home office where work could be come stressful. Try our Grigio Folding Plant Stand to get a few plants in one spot for maximum impact.

Which Plants To Buy 

For those looking to try something low maintenance try Succulents, Pothos, Aloe Vera and Mother In Law's Tongue (yes that's really a plant!). These plants are low maintenance as they don't require much watering and are happy in shady spots. For those feeling a bit more adventurous try Boston Ferns or Herbs which need a bit more TLC.

We hope you've enjoyed this post! If you want to discover more plant related products, click here.

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