Why Is Furniture Design Important

Furniture serves a variety of purposes in our homes and furniture design is crucial to getting the aesthetic of your style across. It also needs to be functional for everyday use, suit our lifestyles and provide comfort and style, all at the same time. When considering the type of furniture design that works best for you, you should consider your budget, the longevity of the furniture designs you choose to invest in, whether the size and shape will suit the layout of the space that you’re planning to place it in and whether the design makes it more of a trend piece, or an item of furniture that will continue to appeal to your decor style for years to come.

While the design of the Eero Saarinen Inspired Tulip Dining Table with White Top (from £485.00) is in trend, the simplicity of it in terms of design and colour, makes it a dining table option that will last you. It can be styled with different chairs and table top accessories to suit different interior settings and room layouts.

The industrial design of the Only Design Leather Lazy Chair (£319.75), makes it a great option for any living space. The design is modern and still retains comfortability. If your tastes change, you can also turn the reupholstery of the leather seat into a fun DIY project.

Side tables have been a consistent furniture staple throughout the years. Once again the appeal of the design of the Only Country Set of 2 Teak Round Side Tables (£120.25) lies within the simplicity of the design. The design enables you to style them according to your own personal taste, change their room placements and even give them a lick of paint if you fancy a new colour.

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