Why You Should Introduce More Wood Into Your Home

Adding elements of wood into your home is a simple and sustainable way, of creating a clean and timeless, contemporary space.
The various tones, textures and compositions, of wood available, makes it easy to implement within just about any decor style and colour palette.

We’ve selected three pieces to inspire you to enhance your rooms, with this durable, yet stylish and natural material.

This paddle set, is the perfect way to serve snacks and nibbles, when you’re throwing a dinner party or just treating yourself to a cosy night in front of Netflix. The beautiful hues of the mango wood combined with the stoneware, makes it ideal an ideal choice if you have a modern, yet classic taste and the set can be used to style your kitchen countertop, island or kitchen table, when you’re not using it to dine with.

2.Safavieh Galloway Coffee Table, £353.25

Picture this stunningly designed coffee table, styled up with a coffee table book, your favourite candle and some dried flowers, to create a gorgeous focal point in your living area. The table is designed using Acacia wood, making it the perfect eco friendly furniture piece for your home.

3.Indian Hub Aspen Large Sideboard, £484.25

We love this beautifully handcrafted, industrial style sideboard. Made from reclaimed wood, this furniture piece brings a unique sense of character into whichever room is lucky enough to be it’s home.
The fact that this sideboard comes fully assembled, makes it even more loveable and you can add your own personal style to it, with a few framed prints and touches of greenery.

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