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Contemporary and Traditional Furniture

Here at, we’re happy to provide contemporary and traditional furniture for the home. Whether you’re in need of chairs and stools, storage, or tables, we have something for you. The wide range of styles that we stock means that whatever decor you are matching for your home, you’ll find furniture to go with it. The Floyd & Hayes style is great for a retro, traditional look and Julian Bowen is a great example of modern home furniture. Furniture is an important part of your home decor, so do right by yourself and your home, shop for your home furniture today on

Here at Only Home, we know that your furniture is an incredibly personal part of your home’s interior decor, even an extension of your own fashion style. So we’ve searched tirelessly to find the best brands and suppliers of incredible home and home-office furniture to help in your quest to turn your home into a reflection of your inner style. So whether you have a flair for funky furniture, modern furniture styles, designer chairs or traditional furniture pieces we’re confident that Only Home’s unique curated marketplace will have something for just you. 

We know that when it comes to spaces in your home, each room’s decor is different and unique to you. Why not personalise your spaces and reveal your inner self with passion for everything designer, or be more traditional but with a blend of a contemporary furniture flavour. Even if you’re a keen minimalist, you’ll delight at our Scandi style ranges. If you are looking for something a bit more unusual you’ll love our Floyd & Hayes collection with exquisite detailing and design ethos in all our pieces. 

Your home is a part of you, and we believe in expressing yourself in your home and strive to help you enjoy your home more and more each day. So why not discover yours, at Only Home!